Filing a Social Security Disability Claim

bison-inset-320The social security disability benefit is available to people who are disabled and have paid in to the social security system. Widows and widowers can also claim disability benefits based on the payments made by a deceased spouse.

Do you qualify?

The basic test for disability is whether a person has a severe mental or physical health condition that prevents that person from working at a full time occupation. The disability must also last for 12 consecutive months. If you think you might qualify for disability benefits, you need to first file an application for benefits with Social Security. In some cases, I can file a claim through my office. In other cases, the claimant must file directly with the Social Security Administration.

Free Consultation

Allison Tyler is available for a free consultation to advise you about filing your claim, and to determine whether she can file your claim for you. If you have already filed your claim, Allison can begin representing you when you receive a denial letter from Social Security.

Social Security denies a large percentage of all initial claims. Don’t assume that you can’t qualify for disability just because your claim is denied. Most people who eventually qualify for benefits do so after a hearing at which they are represented by an attorney.

At our law offices, we can:

  1. File your appeal and take care of all paperwork and most contact with the Social Security Administration;
  2. and Prepare the evidence that the judge needs to have to award benefits in your case.


Attorney fees are 25% of your retroactive benefit. The Social Security Administration pays the attorney fee directly to the attorney. If Allison doesn’t win your case, there is no cost to you for attorney fees. For more about our fees, visit the ‘Our Fees’ page on this site. If you’re ready to contact our office for a free consultation, please do so with our online form.