Can I get help filing my claim?

Can I get help filing my Social Security Disability claim?

In some cases, an attorney can help you file your claim from the very beginning.

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  • Social Security allows an attorney to help you file your claim online.
  • An attorney who is involved early in the process can help obtain the specialized medical and vocational evidence that Social Security needs to evaluate your claim properly
  • Social Security denies many valid claims even when an attorney is involved in filing the initial application. Being involved early means that an attorney can make sure all items required by Social Security are taken care of in a timely manner, identify and obtain the necessary medical evidence that can help you maximize your retroactive payment, and expedite filing the request for hearing.
  • Attorney fees are 25% of the retroactive payment at the time the claim is approved. In some cases, for example if a person has just stopped working, there could be little or no retroactive pay. In those cases, an alternate fee agreement would be necessary. Please call if this is your situation.

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