Best time to file social security disability claim

What should I do when my claim is denied?

If Social Security just denied my disability claim, what do I do?

It is extremely important for you to appeal the denial right away; please call for a free consultation.

  • You have 60 days from the mailing date on the denial letter to file a “Request for Hearing”
  • The best way to request a hearing is online at
  • It is ALWAYS better to file a Request for Hearing as soon as you receive a denial; you can lose benefits or your right to receive benefits at all if you get discouraged, wait, and file a new claim later instead.
  • If your claim is denied, your best chance of obtaining benefits it to present a strong case at your first hearing with all necessary medical, vocational, and other evidence
  • An attorney can help you much more if you call as soon as your claim is denied; it is much harder for an attorney to do the necessary work on your case if you wait until right before the hearing to hire an attorney
  • It currently takes up to 18 months from the date you file your Request for Hearing until a hearing is held. In some cases, an attorney can present the necessary evidence and ask for a review and “On the Record” decision in your case. This can be extremely helpful to the most gravely disabled applicants.

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