Update 7/1/2020:

During this time of uncertainty with Covid19 cases in Colorado seeming level but those in surrounding states increasing dramatically, I am continuing to work hard on moving all of my clients’ cases forward while maintaining a focus on your safety.   I can complete almost all work by telephone and email.  For new clients, I am offering “curbside service” so that I can at least meet you!  If I accept your case after a telephone consultation, I will send out a packet of information and forms that need to be signed.  Then, I am welcoming you to call and schedule a time to drive to my office where I will pick up your documents at your car, get to know you briefly, and start working on your case.  

Social security offices are closed and all social security employees, including judges and hearings office staff, are working remotely.  Social security is offering hearings by telephone through at least October.  My personal view is that social security will not be scheduling in person hearings until there is a vaccine or the pandemic eases significantly, which could be a year or longer.  I am recommending that most clients accept telephone hearings at this time.  The good news is that social security is currently keeping up well with the disability caseload and claims are being processed about as quickly as usual.  

Potential clients are welcome to call or contact me via email.  Please leave voicemail if you call and I will contact you as soon as possible.  If you need representation to file a claim or appeal a denial, there is nothing about the pandemic that should cause you to delay taking action regarding your social security disability benefits.