Make Allison Tyler your first call. Skip the huge budget TV advertisers like Binder&Binder, and go directly to Allison Tyler.  Ms. Tyler did more for my case in ONE DAY than B&B did in 4 YEARS. At the time of my hearing, I’d never spoken to an attorney with B&B. They missed filing deadlines, lied about it and then failed to secure the appropriate documentation to make a case.  The judge postponed my initial hearing and suggested I get a new lawyer because the evidence presented by B&B guaranteed that I did not have a case.

Regardless of the outcome of my hearing at the end of this month, thanks to Allison Tyler, I have a chance to live a safer, more dignified, independent life, despite living with advanced RA. The B&Bs of the world do not care what happens to you.

Allison Tyler is a kind, hard-working attorney who will treat you with respect and dignity. She is well known and respected by the court and court officers. She came highly recommended to me by one of the court officers after my first hearing was postponed. Quit wasting your valuable time before your appeal is declined. Call Allison Tyler today!

Colorado Springs, CO