About our Fees

Husband and handicapped wife taking stroll in park alley in fall timeAll attorneys who practice in the area of Social Security Disability Law charge fees approved by the Social Security Administration. Those fees are 25% percent of the retroactive benefit, with a cap of $7,200.00, and are paid directly to the attorney by the Social Security Administration.

Retroactive Benefits

The retroactive benefit is the lump sum amount that a claimant is owed after a hearing due to the long processing times for claims. Retroactive fees can be paid from the sixth month after disability begins, and many claimants receive a retroactive benefit of a year’s worth of monthly payments or more by the time a hearing is held.

No Risk to You

If an attorney does not win your case, there is no attorney fee and you will not be charged for the attorney’s work.

The only bill you will receive from Allison Tyler is a bill for any out-of-pocket expenses advanced in your case, such as charges for medical records and consultations with doctors.